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Wobbler/Toddler Room Curriculum

      The Oak St. Child Development Center (Oak St. CDC) wobbler/toddler room plans curriculum around the varied needs of the children throughout their day.  We look at each child’s developmental stage and offer activities and daily routines that will gently challenge the individual child.  We maintain a consistent, yet flexible, daily schedule including times for play, meals, group and individual play, outside, and rest.

     We encourage the development of skills all day long through adult-child and child-child interactions.  We talk about children’s interests and observations.  We read stories and sing songs.  We integrate concept knowledge about numbers, shapes, colors, and sizes in to daily activities and discussions.  Everyday conversations include topics like body parts, families, food, toys, friends, and animals.  Self-help skills are developed during times of the day such as toileting, hand washing, and eating meals.  We eat meals together and the children get opportunities to practice pouring from pitchers and using tongs to serve food. 

    We have multiple natural opportunities throughout the day to enhance social skills: identifying feelings, using words instead of physical means, and coming up with a solution for the problem at hand.  We read books and have conversations about being safe and gentle with friends.

Social interactions are encouraged during activity, large and small motor, and meal times.  We offer sensory, dramatic play, and other art materials for children to explore as well as have natural experiences.  We enjoy taking walks through the neighborhood and visiting places like the Farmer’s Market weekly. 

    Our room is a safe place for children to freely explore their surroundings and their social skills.  This is a wonderful time to facilitate independence and communication skills.  We enjoy helping children to be confident as well as able to be a part of a group, gain empathy, and to trust others and their own abilities.  A positive experience in early childhood care gives children a good foundation on which to grow.

Natanya Drummond
Toddler Room Lead Teacher

Melanie Cliff

 Toddler room  Teacher


Lori Hawley

Toddler room 


Lilian Benefiel

Wobbler room lead 


Madisons pic.jpg

Madison Cavenagh


A.M. Teachers aid

Jingbo Luo

Toddler room 

P.M. Teachers Aid

Caroline Adams
 Teacher's Aid
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