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     Pre-School Curriculum


Oak St. Child Development Center (Oak St. CDC) focuses on the whole child and uses a Developmental Curriculum to best teach each individual child.  The Preschool’s curriculum is based on several areas of development.  These areas include:  language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, health, aesthetic expression, gross and fine motor development, and self-help skills. 

Language and Literacy

In the Preschool room children are developing language and literacy skills through listening to stories, dictating their own stories, and communicating with those around them.  Areas in the classroom are labeled, allowing many opportunities to read print throughout the classroom.  Children are exposed to their own name in print as much as possible.  Beyond labeling cubbies and artwork, children engage in literacy and writing activities like writing letters to family, singing rhyming songs, and recognizing peers’ names in print.


Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Health

The Head Teacher designs activities that encourage children to seek solutions to concrete problems, explore the world around them, ask questions, observe, count, and gain awareness of health and bodies.  Children in the classroom learn to respect all forms of life.  Activities that encourage respect include hands-on activities in nature, discussion about living things’ lives and feelings, and art activities using natural materials.


Aesthetic Expression

The Preschool classroom is designed to support children’s various forms of dramatic play, music, art, and dance.  Dramatic play, block, and art centers include materials such as dress-up, dinosaurs, markers, shells, and beads for creating and exploring.  Emotions and ideas are encouraged, identified, and explored throughout each day.


Gross and Fine Motor Development

Our outside areas offer plenty of opportunities for gross motor development.  There are climbing structures, bicycles, and a sandbox.  The three year old children in the Preschool class are given the opportunity to sign up, for additional charge, to attend BOUNCE gymnastics and swim lessons as well.  Fine motor development is encouraged through teacher directed and child directed activities such as writing in a journal or drawing, using clay, and putting puzzles together. 


Self-Help Skills

Children are encouraged to help themselves during activities like dressing, toileting, serving and feeding themselves, washing hands, and cleaning up. 

Trisha Cox 
Pre-School Lead Teacher
Catherine Anderson
Pre-school Teacher
Faith Gates
Pre-school Teacher
Julia Hern-Fondation
Pre-school Teacher
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