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Infant Room Curriculum

The Infant Room curriculum here at Oak St. Child Development Center revolves around the daily routines and individual development of our children, keeping in mind that even though a child is a certain age chronologically, they may be at a different place developmentally than someone else at that same age. Our number one priority is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes trust, exploration, and independence.

            We recognize that infants need to develop trust, a feeling of emotional security and belonging, before learning can begin. Therefore, we concentrate on giving the children and caregivers the opportunity to form strong bonds and attachments. Caregivers communicate with parents on a daily basis about their child’s daily routines and progressions in development. 

            We look at children as individuals, assessing their developmental stages and expanding on their interests and abilities. Free choice, activity, diapering, and meal times are used as opportunities to practice language and communication, both verbal and non-verbal.  We talk about our bodies and our feelings, as well as sing songs and read books. We provide open-ended toys and interactions while they are young, and add activities as they grow, such as puzzles, pegs, painting, coloring, and gluing, which encourage small muscle development and hand-eye coordination. We provide opportunities for large muscle development with furniture, climbing structures, and push toys both inside and outside. Dress-up and home play promote talking about clothing, families, and homes. We take walks out in the community to experience and observe the outside world of cars, trucks, and busses, as well as animals, people, and plant life.


            We, as infant caregivers, recognize that everything an infant sees, smells, tastes, hears, touches, and experiences leads them on a path to learning and discovery. We strive to make this pathway safe, positive, and enjoyable.



Kari Renfro

Infant Room Lead Teacher



Infant room Teacher

Anna Kalan

Infant Room Aid

Keeli Martin

Infant Room Aid

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